In Maryland 6 of the 10 counties with the highest poverty rates are on the Eastern Shore. The overall poverty rate in Caroline County is 14.9%, with a childhood poverty rate of 12.1%. Each month about 300 families come to Saint Martin’s because they need food.

Why a food drive? Food drives provide the opportunity to work toward a common goal. Saint Martin’s Ministries encourages churches, local organizations, friends, businesses, or even bridge clubs to collect the family friendly foods on our most needed list. Running a food drive means that you care about your neighbors! Help us fight poverty here on the shore.

Want to help stock our food pantry?

Select your group

Think of a group that you belong to that would be interested. The group can be anything you want – your golf buddies, your church, your 10 best friends, people you work with, your child’s homeroom or scout troop. A drive can be as simple as everyone in the group decides to bring the items to the next get together -- or as big as you think you can handle!

Talk to us

Sometimes we really need cereal and sometimes we don’t. Please call (410.634.2537 ext. 106 or 111) or email us (, so we can ask for what we'd like at that particular time. Also, please try and focus on one or two foods, since we want to be able to put that food in 300 boxes for the month. 

Make it known

Once you have determined what to collect let everyone in your group know about your food drive. Set a goal so that your group gets excited.

Set up a drop-off point

Establish a collection place/time/location. Have boxes for the items to be placed in. Be sure to place a time limit on the effort – a weekend, two meetings – whatever is appropriate for the group.

Bring the food to Saint Martin’s

Let us know when you want to bring the food to Saint Martin’s so we can thank you appropriately and get a good picture! Get in touch with Odette Boyce at if you have questions or need more information.


Food Items we are always happy to receive. These items are all nutritious, family friendly and can help stretch the family meal plan when food is scarce.


  • Canned or packaged tuna fish

  • Peanut butter (and jelly)

  • Canned soups

  • Canned fruit (single serving packages are good for older clients and for children’s lunches or snacks)

  • Packaged pasta

  • Tomato sauce (cans or plastic jars, no glass jars please)

  • Mac’n cheese

  • Packaged rice mixes

  • Beans (dry or canned)

  • Cereal (low sugar please)

Not to eat, but always needed – personal care products (soap, toothpaste, shampoo)


Guidelines for things we do not accept:

  • Beverages  — no soda, sports drinks or energy drinks, nothing in glass bottles

  • Prepared or cooked foods — nothing home cooked or left over from a dinner or event

  • Refrigerated foods – no salads such as potato or chicken salad; nothing past a “Use BY” date

  • Baby foods – nothing past expiration date

  • Damaged packaging – cans, boxes or other paperboard packages with dents, rips, tears, dirt, rust or other forms of damage to the packaging

  • Bulk Items – no restaurant pack staples or large size cans (No. 10 or 3 quart size)

Here are some tips for conducting a food drive:

  • Facebook - Black Circle




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